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Published: 03rd November 2010
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I was passing through a college and noticed that most of the girls have TVS Scooty Pep that were parked in the parking slot/area. And itís true that, TVS Scooty Pep has become the popular teenager and youth icon in the automobiles sector all over the India. Its design, colors and style are enough to attract the teen and young girls.

The newly launched TVS Pep + is the modified design of previous TVS Scooty Pep that also has been rewarded with the title of Best Scooterette of the year 2008 by TNS Voice of the Customers and it was presented by the Auto Car CNBC Awards at Autoexpo in New Delhi.

The shiny and elegant TVS Pep + has fuel storage capacity of 5 ltrs with the powerful 4 stroke engine that has got the displacement of 87.7CC. Its engine posseses automatic forced air cooled system which is powered by a single cylinder. As it targets the young ladies so it is installed with the electric start mechanism and weighed only 95kg.It works by consuming 12V and 5 Ah power and even at 6500 rpms it is able to develop a peak power of 5 bhp (Break Horse Power) . It has got the pivoted clutch that operated centrifugally.

Additionally, TVS Pep + has hydraulic dampened suspension wboth front and rear having 110 mm diameter drum breaks. This stunning model gives you mileage of around 40 km/lt. Its complementary mirror arrangement makes your ride more comfortable and convinient. You will also get the two shade mechanism with it. Its spongy and comfortable seat makes you feel relax while driving and also protects you from the jerks. In its dickey you can carry enough stuff that you want with ease.

Now, no fear at all, enjoy the safe and exciting ride with ultra modern TVS Scooty Pep +; celebrate your feminine feelings with your Pep + that is remarkably establishing its market in India.

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